Pam's Pysanky

Welcome to Pam's Pysanky, a website devoted to the ancient art of Ukranian egg dying. Pamela Gompf is an accomplished artist of this craft and has created this site to share her work. Please check out the Purchase page if you are interested in owning examples of this beautiful artform.

Pysanky is a medium of pure color that reveals form and light in a unique way. Its properties offer endless variety which is why Pamela has loved it for so many years. She loves the history, and unique symbolism of each design; “it’s a fascinating way to write, but on an egg. Each design has a story to tell. The history of the people of Ukraine and the region is filled with a richness that is absolutely wonderful.”Pamela sells and decorates dove, parakeet, partridge, quail, chicken, duck, goose, rhea, emu, and ostrich eggs. Decorating Emu eggs has been a great process, as it uses the style of Pysanky, but allows for a textured effect as the design is etched into the shells naturally beautiful green shell, into degrees of light and dark. As of 2006, Pamela has started decorating the details of her eggs onto the smallest of eggs- dove and parakeet eggs. “This new ‘canvas’ has really brought new excitement for me. The historic symbolism of each egg is of birth and new beginnings. I believe no matter what the plain shell looks like, or what size it is, it has a story to tell of what is yet to come.”

This ancient art form is unique and treasured, such as are lost artifacts. The process of applying hot beeswax onto the eggs surface, and then submerging the egg into different colored dye baths, makes the process very intriguing. After several stages of wax and dye, the egg is covered in a dark blackened wax, with the design hidden beneath. The wax is then removed by candle flame. “The best part for me is the final stage. All those hours of work, not knowing what the design really looks like under all that blackened wax, really pays off when it is melted off, and the beauty is revealed.”